aspStation Podcasts

aspStation, Inc. is a server co-location data center and high speed Internet access provider in Pittsburgh, PA. We also provide the server and the Internet bandwidth to host podcasts.

By downloading the show's audio file, you can listen to the show on your computer or MP3 player such as Apple's iPod. There are several programs available to aid in downloading the shows to your computer. A Google search on podcasts will provide more information including names of podcast programs for your computer.

One such program is the Apple's iTunes program. It is available for Microsoft's XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Vista operating system. Of course it is available for Apple's OS X. iTunes will download the show when a new show is made available each week and play it. iTunes is free and it is easy to install and use.

Regardless of the program you use, you will need to subsrcibe to our podcasts. To do this, select the subscribe function and enter the following:

Jazzin' Around:
On The Menu:

iTunes and the other podcast programs will check the server for you to see if a new show is available for download. Once the software has been installed, new shows will be downloaded for you.

aspStation, Inc.
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